Mark Szekely

Meet Captain Mark Szekely

Meet Captain Mark Szekely and Gizzmo Charters

Embark on an unparalleled adventure with Captain Mark Szekely and Gizzmo Charters, situated on the picturesque Lake Erie.

From the Captain:

Raised in the proximity of these waters, I've always cherished the joy of fishing here. As a pioneer in establishing charter services in the Ashtabula and Conneaut area, I've introduced innovative techniques like planer boards and dipsey divers. My expertise extends to the Western and Central Basins of Lake Erie, where I've perfected jig and drift fishing methods. With years of experience as an ice fishing guide, my achievements have been recognized in esteemed publications such as "The Cleveland Plain Dealer," "Walleye Magazine," and even "The Washington Post."

At Gizzmo Charters, our fishing techniques adapt to the seasons for an optimal Lake Erie experience. In the early months of March, April, and May, we focus on jigging. As we progress into late May and June, we transition to casting weight forward spinners. When fish migrate to summer habitats, we employ trolling methods using a variety of spoons and body baits like the renowned "Yo-zuri Crystal Minnows." Our trolling setups utilize both braided "super lines" and stainless steel wire, selected based on the target fish's depth. Join us for a fishing adventure tailored to the changing rhythms of Lake Erie's seasons.

Boat details

The 38' Bertram Cruiser, originally constructed in 1981 and restored in 2006, boasts a remarkable blend of timeless design and modern updates. Equipped with 2 320HP Caterpillar Diesel engines, this vessel achieves a maximum cruising speed of 20 knots, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey. With a spacious interior and ample deck space, it can comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests, providing an enjoyable and memorable boating experience.

Gizzmo Charters ensures an unforgettable day on the water that will leave everyone yearning for more, possibly even making it difficult to depart from the experience.

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